Teen Opportunities from Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy shares your goals to help teens grow into healthy, strong young adults. That is why we have developed a range of opportunities that develop skills in outdoor recreation and community leadership. We have 9 programs to choose from for ages 13-17+ with sessions open every week of the summer. If your teen is into being outdoors, we have something to keep them busy, having fun, making friends and learning skills.

Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp breaks conventional boundaries by offering theme-based sessions that are not limited to a specific location. Tailored to spark teens’ interests, irrespective of gender, our camp offers diverse activities. Whether your teen loves water sports and desires to refine their skills amidst nature’s tranquility or craves adventurous nights under the stars, we have something special for them.

Offered every week at all Camp Twigs locations.

Is your teen enthusiastic about biking or wanting to get into a fun sport? Our Mountain Bike Camp is a great way to learn or improve skills, safety, and learn to enjoy biking.