All About Mountain Bike Camp!

Our mission when founding Leadership Academy was for it to be a place where children wanted to flock to year after year, however they choose: running, skipping, rolling, swimming, and biking! Does your child have an adventurous spirit with a love of outdoor sports? Mountain Bike Camp would be the perfect place for them to strap on a helmet and set off on an exciting new journey at the beautiful Percy Warner Park! Campers are required to bring their own bike, helmet, lunch, and water bottle, and they’ll be ready to hit the trails when camp starts in just a few more weeks. Be sure to register for camp and grab your own Mountain Bike Camp t-shirt before this opportunity speeds on by! 

Whether your campers’ training wheels have just come off or they’re eager to jump on tricky trails, we can accommodate their skillset. As always at Leadership Academy camps, fun and learning fuse together! Our qualified instructors are here to teach about all aspects of biking, from beginner to advanced during specific sessions throughout the summer. Instructors will also teach bike maintenance and set-up, multiple riding techniques, and lead trail rides. Mountain Bike Camp teaches campers to enjoy an active lifestyle, make responsible choices, and also having the intuition to seek new journeys in unexpected places. When camp fun collides with a sport your child loves, it is sure to be a week that will leave them spinning with glee. 


Each session is geared to a specific rising level, open to ages 9-17:


Sessions Available:


June 5-9         MTB  101 Beginners 

June 12-16     MTB 202 Intermediate

June 19-23     MTB 101 & 202

June 26-30     MTB 303 Experienced 

July 5-7           MTB 101 Mini week (Wed-Fri)

July 10-14       MTB 101 Beginners 

July 17-21       MTB 202 Intermediate 

July 24-28       MTB 303 Experienced 


Each level of camp is designed with the safety, skillset, and confidence of your camper in mind. Mountain Bike Camp 101 is for our greenest and bravest bikers, aged 9 to 13, with less than 10 trail rides under their belt. Campers will get acclimated to riding their mountain bike on dirt paths with natural obstacles such as rocks, roots, and hills, sticking to the White and Green trails at Percy Warner Park throughout camp. Each day will be packed with preparation, starting with classroom and parking lot lessons, skill practice and competency demonstration taking place before the big excursion of the day. When the wheels on their bikes aren’t turning, campers will relax and make friends through classic camp activities such as crafts, games, and nature education. The goal of Mountain Bike Camp 101 is to give campers a chance to learn more about their bikes and how they function, thus teaching them how to control their bike best. These essential skills will serve our bold young adventurers on unfamiliar terrain!


The next level up is Mountain Bike Camp 202 for our 11 to 16 year olds who have conquered mountain bike trails before, and are comfortable with Green trails! These bikers will be equipped with all the knowledge and safety lessons from 101, but at an intermediate level. After these campers have demonstrated their safety skills, we will elevate to new lessons such as bike navigation, riding speed, cornering, braking, and more! At Mountain Bike Camp, every rider is made to feel safe with the lesson before we even set foot or tire on a trail. These campers will spend most of the week of camp on Green trails, but will be allowed to graduate to Blue levels when they have demonstrated the confidence and ability to use some trickier skills on more complex paths. 



If your camper is not a stranger to trail riding and wants to meet other campers with a similar skill level and spirit, then Mountain Bike Camp 303 is the place for them to be! These daring riders will complete a skill check and bike set up session to ensure they’re ready to roll. At Leadership Academy, we always believe there is room to learn, so our professional instructors and coaches will be there to teach and offer advice to these experienced bikers. Camp will include skill drills, time trials, and practice sessions, along with trail rides at a variety of levels. Campers will ride in buddy pairs for togetherness and safety. Most of Mountain Bike Camp 303 will be spent on Blue level trails, and learning to prepare for Black level trails. If your passionate biker would love to take a biking route besides the sidewalk or the street this summer, then be sure to sign them up for camp today!


Teen Opportunities 


If your teen is looking for a more complex role over summer break, that doesn’t mean they should let an opportunity to go to camp coast by! Teens can enjoy Mountain Bike Camp as well, for each camp location has a teen camp program, leadership development training, and job openings for ages 15 or older. Register today!