Camp Is Where We Explore!

When it comes to Skills for Life, curiosity, and exploration, help us begin some of our greatest adventures. They are the first steps our mind takes toward great discoveries. Learning something new, overcoming a challenge, or making a lifelong friend is possible because we are curious and want to explore.


What are Curiosity & Exploration?


Someone curious is eager to learn more and wants to find out the answers. An explorer puts their curiosity into action and enthusiastically ventures into the unknown. A child asking about a new plant or animal is curious. When she goes on a hike to find more new plants and animals on her own, she explores.


Why Are They Skills For Life?


Many of us start out in life with a strong sense of curiosity and exploration. The wide-eyed infants and children in our lives greet new interactions with a curious spirit and a fearless sense of exploration. Whether it’s a baby finding his toes or a child seeing her favorite animal at the zoo, life is full of brand-new situations and exciting possibilities. Children are poised and eager to learn, and their environments and influences either nurture or diminish that enthusiasm.

Remember when you decided to move away from home? Go on a first date? Start a new career path? Something in you stirred and wanted to know more, to experience change and growth. There was excitement about the unknown and enthusiasm about what lay ahead. That sense of wonder that inspires us is our curiosity. It helps us take the first steps on a new path, and our sense of exploration keeps us going.


Our world has its greatest masterpieces, inventions, and discoveries because someone was curious and wanted to explore a new possibility. There was a moment Jane Austen thought, “What if this character said exactly what she thought of everyone she met?” At a time, Nikola Tesla said, “What if we could generate energy in a whole new way?”

Curiosity and exploration are life-changing at any age and can lead to transformation in our workplace, community, and society.

How Does Camp Teach Curiosity & Exploration?


Camp is a place where kids are encouraged to be curious and explore their surroundings.  At Camp, we learn to be curious and that we can be an explorer. Children can ask many questions sometimes, and camp is a great place to ask them and learn about the answers or explore a way to find them out.  

  • Do you think there are fish in that creek or lake?
  • What will we find on the hiking trail?
  • What’s the name of that plant?
  • Which animal makes those tracks?
  • How do we start a campfire?
  • Would you like to play a new game?

Camp gives curiosity a voice and a safe space to explore new possibilities.

Nature itself sparks the wonder that keeps us learning and asking questions.  It seems to beckon us when we step outside after a stressful day. The outdoors awaken our senses: we become alert to new details, and our awareness of the sights, smells, and beauty around us is heightened.  Camp staff and outdoor enthusiasts keep returning because no two days in nature are the same. Every day plant life grows and changes; wildlife roam free. Just like the flora and fauna that surround us, our curiosity and sense of exploration keep growing when we’re outside.

Leadership Academy has innovative programs that encourage exploration and spark curiosity. Our camps are highly personalized and allow campers to choose their own adventure. Check out our youth and teen camps if you’re ready to see where your child’s curiosity will take them. If you want to awaken the explorer in you, we offer amazing staff opportunities. To learn more, visit us online or call us at 833-244-3288. Let’s go exploring!

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