Imagination Rings True at Camp Twigs Bells Bend Beaman!

Leadership Academy’s Camp Twigs, located in Bells Bend Outdoor Center and Beaman Park, is a place for children to bond with the great outdoors. We believe that spending time outside is the ultimate enrichment for a child’s mind. Every day at Camp Twigs is an opportunity for creative play and adventures with newfound friends!


What Activities Await my Child at Camp Twigs? 


Each session at Camp Twigs presents a new opportunity for delight. Your children will explore aquatic habitats, play in the woods, and learn to identify local wildlife. These activities are designed to connect your child with the natural world and teach them to respect the environment that surrounds them. We will gain outdoor skills and learn Leave no Trace ethics from qualified, passionate counselors. Children will especially enjoy The Great Cook-Out, where campers will learn the basics of campfire cooking while being able to snack on delicious fire-roasted hot dogs or melty s’mores they made themselves!


Why Bells Bend Beaman? 


Bells Bend Park and Beaman Park are some of the most dazzling natural spaces in all of Nashville. Campers will spend Monday through Wednesday at Bells Bend, and Thursday through Friday at Beaman. The divided yet connected structure of Camp Twigs offers children a place to recognize wildlife across habitats and connect with nature in unique spaces. At Leadership Academy we strive to foster independence and confidence in children, and believe activities in the outdoors are the perfect environment to nurture those qualities. 


How Does Camp Twigs Teach Children Independence? 


By trusting children to learn through unstructured play, we have constructed an emotionally safe place for them to meet new friends, participate in new experiences, and practice social skills. When children acquire a new skill, they gain confidence in themselves that will lend itself to countless activities they pursue in the future. Our counselors are passionate about helping children connect with nature and discover activities that inspire them during camp and beyond. 

Do you want your child to join in on the adventure and learning that Leadership Academy has to offer? Get started planning their camping journey now! For more information about camp registration, visit our website or call us at 833-244-3288!

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