4 Ways Camp Helps Us Find Our Courage!

This afternoon, I found a quote by writer James Neil Hollingworth that’s a great explanation of courage:


Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.


One of my favorite things about Camp is watching our campers push through when something seems scary at first to find the courage to try something new. As I think about Leadership Academy’s mission and activities, I’ve seen four important ways Camp helps kids become more courageous.


1. Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone


Being away from home: Leaving home to go to Camp is a great way for campers to have a chance to be themselves without the confines of school, work, family, neighbors that often define you. It takes courage to work through the jitters of being around new places and new people, but this process of learning who we are (and what our strengths are) when we’re on our own helps us learn to stand up for ourselves (and others) in healthy ways.


2. Exploring the Unknown


We have lots of activities that encourage campers to explore the unfamiliar and foster a courageous outlook. Hiking takes campers to new frontiers and encourages them to find joy in new experiences. Exploration is also integral to games like hide and seek, or scavenger hunts, which help campers enjoy unknown experiences and feel more confident in other unpredictable situations.


3. Overcoming Fears


Camp gives us a safe place to try new things and learn the benefit of taking risks. A nighttime hike, tackling the climbing tower, or going down a big water slide seems scary at first. But they’re really just fun ways for campers to learn the benefits of risk taking and pushing through fears to overcome challenges. This grit and persistence go hand-in-hand with courage and help campers to be more confident in school, at home, and in friendships.


4. Mentoring & Friendship


We all know great counselors make great camps! Every Camp is filled with supportive staff who encourage our campers to try new things and push through challenges and frustrations. Whether it’s helping them start their first campfire, hit the bullseye, or meet a new friend, counselors are key to building our campers’ courage. 

Camp was one of the first places I learned how to face down my challenges and find my strength, and I am honored to join our campers on the same journey of growth, strength and learning. 

Ready for your child to capture some courage? Camp is the place to be! For more information about camp registration at Leadership Academy, visit our website or call us at 833-244-3288! 

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